We met James by chance after requesting to view a home on realtor.com. We immediately liked his style and personality and decided to work with him full-time to sell our home and purchase a new home (we just closed today, yipeee).

He is one of the most friendly, understanding and authentic people I have ever met and made the entire home buying/selling experience about as seamless as I can imagine it being.

We were in a pickle because we needed to sell our home before buying a new one and in THIS crazy housing market, a "contingency" is just unattractive and difficult. We learned that the hard way when we put an offer on the first house we loved and didn't make the cut. Thankfully, with James spot on pricing and beautiful photos etc, he sold our home in TWO DAYS! He got us an outstanding deal that we just couldn't believe. We were baffled by how savvy he was in negotiating things for our sale. We were extremely happy to say the least! James was always available when we needed him or had any questions about the process of buying. A home popped up on his radar and before the listing agent even had all the photos, he had scheduled a showing for us. He knew we would love the home and he was right lol. Before midnight that night, he had written up an offer and submitted it. We were so fast even the sellers were shocked. We ended up getting this home (we are SOOOO excited) and we sincerely feel that it was because he was very punctual and attentive that we were able to be first in line. The home received many other offers but with James' help we got it all done. Beyond all of this, James has become a friend. He golfs with my husband and is truly an enjoyable person to be around. We are so glad we met him! Definitely will recommend him to anyone who needs a realtor as you will not find a more attentive real estate agent. He makes you feel like you are his only client!

Jennifer Robertson

James was SO helpful with buying my first home. I had no idea where to even start, so I looked for realtors online and found James' positive reviews and gave him a call. He met me that same day and helped me find the perfect house! He came to the inspections and helped point out issues with the home that I never would have known to look for and spent time answering all of my questions prior to closing. I could not have asked for a better realtor! If you are thinking about buying a home or don't know where to start, give him a call!

Katie Schumaker

We got referred by a friend who used James as her realtor. She had wonderful things to say about him & she was spot on! James would always respond within 24hrs. He is very knowledgeable & knows his stuff! He is very respectful. James was with us from start to finish. What I liked most about James was that he didn't try and sell us a house, he ensured that we got the right house at the right price ! Trust you're in good hands with James as your realtor.

Stephanie Calderon

We contacted James a couple of months prior to putting our home on the market. He gave us good advice on what we needed to do to get ready to sell. A couple of months later, James listed our home the weekend before Christmas. Our home sold in 2 days for $11,000 over asking price. He was always helpful and responsive and great to work with. Thanks James!!

Pam Reyes

For my family, James helped me achieve the impossible. I had talked to countless agents that talked a lot of hype about helping with credit challenges but ultimately couldn't deliver. Then I met James. He was such a genuine nice guy and he had complete confidence that he could get it done, so I gave him a chance before signing a lease. 3 1/2 months later I closed on my dream home! James and his team go above and beyond! They keep communication open and James works hard to make sure you find the perfect home for your family. I am so thankful for James and his willingness to go the extra mile!

Kristen Bowman

We found James on Yelp based on his reviews. We first tried an agent from Keller Williams that was very nice in person but had all kinds of issues so we had to move. James is an institution in Georgetown, lots of people know him since he is from here. A mother in our daughter´s dance class used him, we´ve met others that know him. Which means a lot because he has both a good reputation to protect and others will act proper to protect their reputation. We originally thought of buying a preexisting home but switched to a semi-custom new build. At the time, we wondered if a RE was really needed for a new build since the price is ¨fixed.¨ But after going through the experience, that´s not the way to look at it. The builder´s agent works for the builder and against you if interests don´t align. While the base home price is fixed, it's the other issues that make a huge difference. Initial purchase. One builder had a lower base price but lower base features, which required upgrading, increasing the final price, which James helped us compare. Then, James discussed which add ons add value to the home $ and which are a loss. Build process. James was there to represent us in a process that did not go smooth. The builder had several excuses, such as they had verbally promised something but it wasn´t in writing. Which James took care of. Or delays. Without James we wouldn´t have known how far to push. Final close. The builder had left several items not to our liking. James was helpful in pushing back to help us get what we needed. And if we incurred extra costs due to the builder´s failure, which at one point seemed possible, he would have gotten it fixed. While it costs nothing to have a RE for a new build, I would have paid out of pocket for James, it was completely worth it. Highly recommend him.

Mark Tlapak

James is my HERO! James and his team of experts can take a situation that seems impossible to a situation that is YOU holding the keys to your home! 

He is genuine, he cares about the process and what his buyers want, and his attention and follow up is amazing. My husband and I started house hunting with some credit issues pulling us down. But James has a great team of people to help with credit repair (who I really trust, not like those others) and his mortgage partner, Will, is amazing. We went from May 4th thinking we would never get a home, to signing our closing on August 24th and are in our new home. 

He is so responsive, always available, and cares about making certain you get the home that is right for you. 

Thank you James!

Roxann Stuarsky

I'm stubborn, picky and on a tight budget -- the trifecta of realtor hell, I'd imagine.

I'd heard horror stories from friends re: the competitive market here in Austin and went into the process with little to no faith I'd find anything I actually liked in the dwindling three months left before my definitely-not-going-to-cut-me-any-slack landlord started renovations on the property I was renting.

James was recommended by a mortgage broker who was recommended by some ex-Texas resident distant family member. Whatever -- better than taking a stab in complete darkness or using someone a friend had been only mildly pleased with. You know how on HGTV the people have a laundry list of laughably unrealistic "must-haves", and the realtors keep taking them to houses that only meet half of them? That's what I was expecting -- I got the opposite. The first time we spoke James asked a lot of questions, and I had a lot of answers and unwavering opinions that, to my pleasant surprise, he didn't pressure me to stray from. He actually listened, and continued to apply my feedback to each consecutive property visited. One Friday evening I got an enthusiastic text from him declaring a just-listed property was totally my style. The second the photos loaded I knew. I had to see it. That instant. He wrapped up dinner with his family and we were there within the hour. It was perfect. He advised me on what to offer and I trusted his expertise there without hesitation. That evening he drew up the paperwork while patiently tending to my freak-outs. The offer was placed first thing in the morning and accepted two days later. Done! Or so I thought. Post-purchase James was just as meticulous getting me through the next steps. He joined for the inspection to make sure I asked the right questions, got me setup with names to look into minor issues, explained why I needed to do this that and the other thing... didn't just sit back and twiddle his thumbs until closing. He even took the time to speak with my out-of-state parents -- on more than one occasion, embarrassingly enough -- when they had questions about the housing choices being made by their overly-enthusiastic-property-virgin-only-child. So if you're looking for an agent that's thorough, fast-acting, personable and excited by the challenge of delivering on as many of those laundry-list items as humanly possible: meet James.

Stacy Frank